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Complete Bikes & Shiping


In the past we often got the question how we send out our complete bikes. We send all bikes out as we get them by the manufacturer - they are mostly preassembeld for transit reasons. If possible order the pick for pick up in one of ur shops and we will be happy to assemble it for you!

If thats not possible we strongly advise to take it to your local bike shop where it can be fully assembled, checked, adjusted and prepared for your first ride. The assembly of a bike encompasses the following steps, among others (the number and order of steps may vary depending on the bike model/brand):

- final assembly (mostly handlebar, stem, frontwheel, seatpost, seat etc)

- Checking and centring the wheels

- Checking headset lubrication and adjusting play

- Adjusting brakes and shortening the cables, if necessary bleeding hydraulic brakes

- Configuring bike gears fornt and rear 

- Checking all screw connections for correct tightening (torque) and the right fit for all components

- Testing any lights

- Wrapping the handlebar tape around the drop bar ond road/ Garvel bikes

- Checking electronic gears for firmware updates

- final fitting of contact points

Depending on model and brand it can be more or less steps than shown here. But a bike professional will know what to do to get you on the bike securly!

Your Goldsprint / The Gentle Jaunt Team